This webpage has been setup after various discussions and workshops concerning the missing link between remote sensing, ecology, biodiversity and conservation science.

Meetings by CEOS Biodiversity, CRSnet and GEO BON and workshops, such as the CEOS SBA Biodiversity Workshop in Munich at DLR in 2012, highlighted the importance of a community webpage around this topic. We want this webpage to serve as a centralized place for Remote Sensing – Biodiversity – Conservation that provides links to existing approaches within this field and resources on the web and within organisations. It is designed as a starting point for work within this topic for all interested community members.

The webpage focuses on long-term general information, like links, projects or approaches, as well as specific news in order to provide updates on recent developments, opinions or publications.

The information on our webpage are and will never be able to cover all events, approaches, projects, data sets and so on. However, we are happy about any feedback you would like to provide, e.g. on missing information, mistakes or broken links.

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