Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)

Group on Remote Sensing for Biodiversity and Conservation (CEOS Biodiversity)

The group on Remote Sensing for Biodiversity within CEOS is an emerging activity (formerly SBA) coordinating civil space borne activities related to biodiversity research and conservation application. Several governmental space agencies as well as inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations working on Biodiversity and Conservation  are collaborating through CEOS Biodiversity to improve global earth observations data.

The CEOS Biodiversity activities are part of the overall CEOS and hence GEO tasks.



Several issues are targeted by CEOS Biodiversity:

  • identify needs and shortcomings of Earth Observation for Biodiversity and Conservation
  • improve inter-community exchange
  • trigger new developments between communities
  • coordinate CEOS activities which are beneficial to Biodiversity and Conservation activities
  • advocate for improved data and software (open) access, availability as well as adequate data sets
  • outline future needed developments, new products as well as sensors


The members are involved in various activities which range from small collaborative projects to organising an international symposium. Moreover working groups aiming at different topics will be launched end of this year. Data adequacy as well as OpenSource/Access concerning software and data are aimed at within CEOS Biodiversity.

Several discussions with colleagues from different research institutes, NGOs and IGOs took place in the past and are going on. In 2012 a workshop at DLR in Munich/Germany was organised and beside a report several articles are in preparation. In 2013 a workshop at JRC concerning “Remote Sensing for Conservation” took place and for 2014 a symposium at ZSL in London and a workshop on “marine remote sensing and conservation” is organised.

CEOS Biodiversity is collaborating with GEO BON and GOFC GOLD to ensure relevant EO developments for Biodiversity and Conservation




Various colleagues are involved as members CEOS Biodiversity (arbitrary order):

  • Martin Wegmann (CEOS at DLR, LSFE, GCE – Germany) (point of contact)
  • Allison Leidner (NASA)
  • Woody Turner (NASA, GEO BON – US)
  • Nathalie Pettorelli (ZSL, GEO BON – UK)
  • Zoltan Szantoi (EU JRC)
  • Brice Mora (GOFC-GOLD)
  • Martin Herold (GOFC-GOLD)
  • Peter Leimgruber (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, USA)
  • Martin Wikelski (Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany)
  • Carlo Rondinini (Univ. Rome, IUCN Global Mammal Assessment)
  • Hannes Taubenböck (DLR-EOC)
  • Lian Pin Koh (ETH)
  • Andreas Brink (EU JRC)
  • Gregoire Dubois (EU JRC)
  • Andrew Skidmore (ITC)
  • Marc Cochrane (UMCES)
  • Sassan Saatchi (NASA-JPL)
  • Graeme Buchanan (RSPB)
  • Ned Horning (AMNH)
  • Kamran Safi (Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany)
  • Duccio Rocchini (FMACH)
  • Palma Blonda (CNR-ISSIA)
  • Joe Wright (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)
  • Matt Hansen (UMD)
  • Simon Ferrier (CSIRO)
  • Robert Rose (WCS)
  • Gary Geller (NASA-JPL)
  • Sebastian Schmidtlein (KIT)
  • Tobias Kuemmerle (HU)
  • Ana Estes (PSU)
  • Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui (WWF-US)
  • Lucas Joppa (Microsoft Research)
  • Jim Tucker (NASA)
  • Moreno Di Marco (IUCN-GMA)
  • Lilian Pintea (Jane Goodall Institute)
  • Scott Goetz (WHRC)
  • Guy Ziv (Natural Capital Project, InVEST dev)
  • Thomas Esch (DLR)
  • Volker Radeloff (Wisc. Uni.)
  • Silvana Amaral (INPE)
  • Marc Paganini (ESA)
  • Uta Heiden (DLR)
  • Markus Neteler (FMACH)
  • Petro Leitao (HU Berlin)
  • Thomas Brooks (IUCN)
  • Brian O’Connor (UNEP-WCMC)
  • Jan Verbesselt (WUR)
  • Adrian Hughes (IUCN)
  • Kate He (Murray State University)
  • Joe Sexton (UMd)
  • Harini Nagendra (ATREE – India)
  • William F. (Bill) Laurance (JCU – Australia)
  • Tim O’Brien (WCS)