Various additional relevant spatial data sets are available but are not remote sensing data.


Natural Earth Data

NaturalEarthData is providing a variety of spatial cultural and physical data sets (e.g. administrativ boundaries, roads). Its high advantage are pre-processed data sets which can be easily used inside a GIS for map creation etc.. (


UNEP Environmental Data Explorer

The UNEP data portal is offering access to different data sets from national to global extent (


SEDAC (Socioeconomic Data and Application Center)

The SEDAC at CIESIN data portal is providing a range of socioeconomic data sets, beside others the “last of the wild” data set (


Soil Data

SoilGrids1km is a collection of updatable soil property and class maps of the world at a relatively coarse resolution of 1 km (

The Soil Data Information System by JRC offers a variety of soil related spatial data sets (



The AfriPop Project offers spatial demographic information on a per-grid square estimates basis of numbers of people (


EU OpenDate Portal

A variety of data sets of the EU, no all are spatially explicit but might be useful as well (


Spatial Analyst

A webpage by Tomislav Hengl ( which provides very useful links and information to various data sets and also methodological approaches (list of Global Data sets).


Global Change Master Directory by NASA

A extensive list of different sets data ranging from biosphere to cryoshehre are provided by the GCMD directory. (


Global Lakes and Wetlands Database

The database for global lakes and wetlands is providing spatial data sets for inland waters which are larger than 1 km² (GLWD-2)


various Data Sets via DIVA-GIS

On the DIVA-GIS website an interactive function to download various data sets of different sources on a country level is available. (Data on DIVA-GIS site)


list of global Data sets via EDENext

The EDENext installed an extensive list of useful spatial data resources, listed by different categories. (data at EDENext)


list of Data sets on

The webpage lists a variety of spatial data sets which can all be downloaded for free. (data on



A large database of user submitted spatial data (



A steadily increasing source for spatial data (


Worldbank Maps

Various country indicator data sets can be downloaded from the Worldbank portal (



A variety of shape files to download (



National Open Data repositories



  • administrative boundaries, cities, roads, DEMs and more can be found here




Climate Data


Open Weather Data

The Open Weather Data website offer free access to various information and offers a variety of APIs


The Rain Project

A collection of freely available rain fall data sets and easier access through R (