The next Macroecology 2019 meeting will take place in Wuerzburg, Germany. Remote sensing keynotes will provide insights into the potential of earth observation within marcoecolgoy.

The Macroecology 2019 meeting will be the 13th annual meeting of the specialist group Macroecology of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GfÖ). The Specialist Group on Macroecology of the GfÖ is one of the leading scientific platforms for macroecological topics in central Europe. With the topic ‚Bridging local patterns and global challenges‘, we invite contributions ranging from ‘small data’ to questions of global relevance for biodiversity research. Hence, Macroecology 2019 aims to foster the dialogue between empiricists dealing with local patterns, bioinformaticians, data scientists, theoreticians and modellers from central Europe and beyond, promoting scientific exchange and progress.

The Macroecology 2019 will be held at the Biocenter  of the University of Würzburg, which is located in the Hubland campus. The historical city of Würzburg is located at the Romantic route of Bavaria, offering an attractive scenario for scientific exchange. In the registration day, participants will have the opportunity to attend a public opening keynote at the Toskana seminar room of the Residence Palace (an UNESCO heritage site), followed by an icebreaker at the wine cellar of the Staatlicher Hofkeller, also at the Residence Palace.

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