The Centre for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University has funding to cover a bursary and running costs for a suitably-qualified student to undertake studies that will lead to an MSc degree. The study is part of a larger initiative looking at the management of invasive species in parts of Africa (see

The work will include a time-series analysis of satellite data to assess the spread of invasive Prosopis (mesquite) trees over the past 15 years, and an assessment of the impacts of control measures on slowing the spread, compared to areas where no control has taken place. The work will also require ground-truthing of remotely-sensed images.

Applicants should have a BSc (Honours) degree in an appropriate discipline (e.g. geography, geo-informatics, environmental studies, botany, or forestry), preferably with experience in remote sensing/GIS. A strong interest in remote sensing-based time-series analysis, GIS, and R/javascript programming is required for this thesis. Applicants should also have a valid driver’s licence.

The successful candidate will be expected to join an international team of post-graduate students, and to participate in team workshops. These workshops are held twice a year, alternately in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Funding for travel and attendance of these workshops will be provided.

We hope to award this bursary within the next few months, or as soon as we have a suitable candidate.


Applications are dure Friday, March 16th.


Please contact Prof Brian van Wilgen at  or visit for more information