We invite you to submit biodiversity related papers to a regular IGARSS 2018 session. The IGARSS 2018 conference will be held in Valencia Spain from 22 Jul – 27 Jul 2018. See https://www.igarss2018.org/Default.asp for details and submission of Abstract.

We plan a general session on ‘biodiversity and remote sensing’ to which you are invited to contribute a presented paper. You need to prepare and submit an Abstract by 12 January 2018. Please make sure your paper title is linked to biodiversity (and preferably use the term ‘biodiversity’). A general session will be generated around this topic by the organisers also under the auspices of GEOBON (as well as the ESA GlobDiversity and EU NextGEOSS projects). If you have any questions please contact the organisers of the session: Andrew Skidmore (ITC) <a.k.skidmore@utwente.nl>, Allison Leidner (NASA) <Allison.K.Leidner@nasa.gov>, Nicholas Coops (UBC) <nicholas.coops@ubc.ca>, Uta Heiden (DLR) <uta.heiden@dlr.de>.


IGARSS 2018 Conference deadlines:

Abstract submission deadline: 12 Jan 2018

Full Paper Submission deadline: 01 Jun 2018

Final submission deadline: 01 Jun 2018

Notification of acceptance date: 30 Mar 2018