A call for submissions in the journal “Remote Sensing of Environment” is open targeting the use of Sentinel-2 data for a variety of topics. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services as well as other biodiversity and conservation related topics are listed on the call by the guest editors Bianca Hoersch, Benjamin Koetz, and Alan Belward: “The Sentinel-2 mission provides unprecedented multi-spectral observations with a five-day revisit at the equator, a spatial resolution of up to 10 meters and systematic global coverage of the Earth’s land surface. The operational provision of globally and temporally consistent data provided by Sentinel-2 is expected to allow unmatched characterization of dynamic surface processes from national to continental scales.” more details at: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/remote-sensing-of-environment/call-for-papers/science-and-applications-with-sentinel-2