The University of Leiden, Netherlands is organizing a working on remote sensing in ecology. The Remote Sensing in Ecology Workshop aims to synthesize the recent developments in ecology in the Netherlands that are achieved through the application of remote sensing tools and the use of remotely sensed data. Additionally, it strives to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas between different disciplines and across the science-policy interface. For this purpose, the 1-day workshop provides a floor to both scientific experts as well as policy makers to learn, exchange ideas, and acquire new insights on the developments related to remote sensing in general and in their respective fields.

The day consists of a series of inspiring talks led by renowned scientists and public officials. These are each followed up with an interactive question and discussion session. The following intermittent breaks, as well as eventual lunch break, will offer opportunity to continue conversation in a more casual environment. At the end of the programme, there will be an opportunity for a final, interactive roundtable discussion on paving the future course of remote sensing in ecology. We hope to celebrate the end of a fruitful day with optional drinks.

With a diversity of speakers and participants – each with their own unique background but all sharing mutual acknowledgement of the power of remote sensing – the day is promised to be one full of new insights and inspiration for all that attend!

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