At the University of Würzburg the Department of Remote Sensing invites applications for a Postdoc or PhD position working in the analysis of global or regional change processes, preferably in terrestrial ecosystems. In-depth analysis of land cover status and change using various remote sensing data and methods are of interest in collaboration with auxiliary data by other disciplines such as social sciences. Research topics can range from agricultural or forest ecosystems up to urban landscapes or further climate change sensitive areas such as mountainous regions. The human-environment interaction and the application of research approaches is of prime interest.

You can apply for a Postdoc or PhD position at our Remote Sensing Department and we highly welcome if you submit your research ideas for these positions, as well as suggestions for the study area. We ask you to submit a max. 3 page research proposal including the scientific background, research questions and aim of your research The research project should be aligned within the larger framework of our department in an institutional collaboration with DLR-DFD.

A degree in geography, geosciences, geoecology or other relevant fields is required as well as sound knowledge of remote sensing data processing and research.

Interest to contribute to the Remote Sensing Department and working in a team is expected.

Please send your application (CV, letter of interest including a short description of your envisioned research project, list of publications (esp. Postdoc) and two names of references until July 1st 2018 .

more more details and where to submit it, go here: