Author: Martin Wegmann

Remote Sensing Statistics for Animal Movement Data

Explaining animal movement patterns using remotely sensed environmental information and vice versa is increasingly possible with new remote sensing data sets and improved animal tracking technologies. A great visualization of this has been done within AniMove using the moveVis R package on vultures. The Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) is the most widespread scavenging bird on the american continents, ranging from southern Canada to the tip of South America. Since 2003, the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is collecting movement data of Turkey Vultures to investigate their migration behaviours, using radio tags monitored by satellite. 21 Turkey Vultures have been tracked during...

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Data and Information for Reefs

eReefs is an information system that provides a picture of what is currently happening on the reef, and what will likely happen in the future. Visualisations as well as data and models including remote sensing data and background are provided. check out the news and data at:...

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ESA LPS program online

the ESA Living Planet Symposium list of talks and sessions is online and can be accessed here: The registration is also opened now. At least three sessions are focusing on “Remote Sensing and Biodiversity” namely: Essential Biodiversity Variables, day 3, room 9, 10-12h Biodiversity/Terrestrial Ecosystems, day 3, room 9, 1pm-3pm Biodiversity/Aquatic Ecosystems, day 3, room 9, 3pm-5pm but some other talks and sessions are also related to biodiversity and conservation topics. Please browse through the program. The sessions have been organised and will be chaired by Marc Paganini, Andrew Skidmore, Michale Schaepman, Nathalie Pettorelli and Martin...

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GEO BON Open Science Conference 2016

The GEO BON Open Science Conference & All Hands Meeting will be a major event to bring together all of those interested in developing biodiversity monitoring programs, biodiversity observations research, and sound biodiversity management. The first 2½ days will be organized as an Open Science Conference, with oral and poster presentations in parallel sessions. Leipzig, Germany, July 4th to 9th, 2016 There will be also some keynotes from renown speakers. This conference is an opportunity to open GEO BON to anyone interested in joining our community. The second 2½ will be the All Hands Meeting and organized as parallel...

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AniMove summerschool 2016

The AniMove summerschool in 2016 takes place in Germany, Lake Konstanz at MPI-O. Animal movement is critical for maintenance of ecosystem services and biodiversity. The study of complex movement patterns and of the factors that control such patterns is essential to inform conservation research and environmental management. Technological advances have greatly increased our ability to track, study, and manage animal movements. But analyzing and contextualizing vast amounts of tracking data can present scientific, computational, and technical challenges that require scientists and practitioners to master new skills from a wide range of computational disciplines. AniMove, a collective of international researchers...

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