OpenGeoHub is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join their team to work on current and future international projects including the “Soil Spectroscopy for global good” (global data sets; project lead by WHRC) and the H2020 project “AgriCapture — Developing EO-powered services to promote soil carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture” (EU-wide data sets). Further, the researcher will contribute to the data portal and similar global datasets produced and maintained by OpenGeoHub.

The candidate should have experience in fitting soil-spectroscopy calibration models, harmonizing and managing laboratory soil measurements, estimating soil organic carbon stocks using a combination of remote sensing and soil spectroscopy, and programming in R and/or Python. They strongly encourage a high degree of responsibility and independence, while collaborating with colleagues through virtual groups (Mattermost, WhatsApp, GitLab). Flexi-hours and remote working is possible.

If you are interested in this 2-yr position, please follow this link for more detailed information. The application deadline is 20th of September 2020. 15th of November 2020 is mentioned as possible starting date.